Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I just love it. I think the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are classy, youthful, and adorable. Besides, you know I love weddings.
Kate's dress is by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, and it just looked perfect on her. Classic and traditional, but perfectly fitted with modern touches. Her tiara is a piece by Cartier that Queen Elizabeth II lent her! 
The wedding was filled with traditional (and indeed historical!) touches--I think these things are just so meaningful.
They just look very regal, don't you think? 
 Photos courtesy of CBS
The Kiss! Isn't it perfect?
I'm happy for the couple--what a fun time to be young and in love!!

♥ Shannon

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I can't decide what I'm crushing on more: the designer, the model, or the apartment, but one thing is for sure--I am in love with these pictures!!!

All images from designer Katie Ermilio via Jamie Beck.

I wonder if this apartment (isn't it cute how I keep wistfully referring to it as an apartment?) is somewhere near the beach in Los Angeles for a modest $1500 p/m...and if it includes the to-die-for sofa.

♥ Shannon


I love when artist's post images of their sketchbooks; lately, I've really been enjoying finished pieces that look sketchy--maybe rough lines with just a bit of color. To me, the artist's natural talent really shows in these pieces.

Viet-My Bui is probably one of my favorite artists. She is so talented and fantastic. She's been rocking this kind of artwork. Check out her work. Seriously, it's amazing.
Lois Van Baarle also rocks my socks off. Her work is so great. This sketch actually doesn't do her justice, but I just wish I could do even this much!!
Stephan McGowan also has a great style--I love the sketchiness! It makes me feel like if I could just learn how to draw comfortably, I wouldn't be too far from making fun art.
This was my first attempt at it. It took me *so* long. I have a feeling Viet-My would have rocked something like this in about ten minutes. Hey, it's a start, though...

♥ Shannon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jewelry Solutions

I have accumulated a lot of jewelry--most of it was given to me and therefore has meaning to me. I have a lot of necklaces, so my quick and inexpensive DIY solution is as follows:
I normally wear a set of studs that were my grandmother's, but when I want to get dolled up I like to go for some statement earrings. I have a great earring holder that my college roommate gave me (her father made it).
I also get a lot of cute little boxes, which could have a cluttered look, until they are laid out together with bowls and thrifted plates. I keep these in the top drawer of my (now) jewelry stand.
In another drawer I have a jewelry box and some meaningful ceramics I keep fun pieces in (for a giggle, check out the picture below on the right closely...).
So there you go, that's where I keep my jewelry goods! Where do you keep yours?

♥ Shannon

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Brunch

Matt and I ended up having a lovely brunch. I tried a great new recipe for Teacake Sandwiches from VegNews magazine. They were created by Hannah Kaminsky of Bitter Sweet--genius!

Brown sugar sponge cake, lemon pastry creme, sliced strawberries, and fresh mint....yes...
We also had fresh fruit, waffles, jelly beans, and mimosas. It was lovely and lite.
So you know how the Easter Bunny hides your Easter Baskets (what? not for you? do leprechauns turn your dog green for St. Patrick's Day??). Anyway, during our first Easter together, Matt hid my basket...and I couldn't find it.

I was legit pissed. Like, really mad. It got a little awkward.

Anyway, this year I was too afraid to search for my basket, so we just gifted them. Maybe next year.
Matt gave me the best basket ever: romantic love notes & excellent reading material--nailed it!
Sometimes kissing pictures can be a little overdone, but we spent about 10 minutes trying to get a good shot of us, and we finally decided to try a kiss shot as a last resort, but then I started busting

Happy Easter!

♥ Shannon

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day, My Love!

(how cute is Google's Earth Day logo?)
Earth Day is a beautiful opportunity to gain some awareness and appreciation for the planet. What will you be doing to better to take care of our earth?

Here are a few options:
Check out the website Billion Acts of Green--learn a little bit, and make a pledge! I pledged to eliminate use of toxic cleaning products. Guess what? They also list events going on nearby--who doesn't love a party?
Or, you can check out the new film from DisneyNature: African Cats. It opens today, and if you go see it within the next week, a portion of your ticket sales will go towards The African Wildlife Foundation.

Plus, how cute is that face?

You could recycle, turn off the water when you brush your teeth, forgo meat, walk/bike instead of drive, feed your birds, bring your own bags when you shop, buy organic--so many little steps that make a big difference!


Eggcup Inspiration

Matt and I are planning on having a quaint Easter brunch--just the two of us--and I've been searching for inspiration to set up our spread. Of course, I had to look no further than Martha Stewart. We won't have eggs, but I have a set of white egg-cups and if I don't use them for Easter, then when will I??

I am delighted by the inspiration Martha has--so many cute things to put in an egg cup!!!
Naturally, my favorite is the tiered stand, but I don't have white pastry stands....might have to hit up some thrift shops today...

♥ Shannon

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Show Me How You Burlesque

Okay. Burlesque was so much fun--very Coyote Ugly meets Pussycat Dolls. Mostly I loved the music numbers. This video is one of my favorites. Christina Aguilera's voice is so soft and understated, but you hear her strength, too.

Also, the costumes are just too fun--and worn by a much loved cast!

Christina,  of course, was decked out.
Remember Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars? She made her debut as an adorable red-head. The girl can dance!
I've enjoyed Kristen Bell since Forgetting Sarah Marshall--here she's a sexy brunette (how exciting is Julianne's outfit?).
Naturally, Cher, the legend, was fun to watch, too.
Also, it has some cute man-candy: Eric Dane & Cam Gigandet, to name a few:
So if you're looking for an upbeat, entertaining, no-brainer, check out Burlesque.
Photos by STEPHEN VAUGHAN – © 2009 Screen Gems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Now please excuse me. I have to go choreograph a dance and buy a zillion sequins...

♥ Shannon

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things to do to a T-Shirt

I had some scraps leftover after making my necklace, so I decided to continue playing with accessories. In this case, flowered hair barrettes. I like them because they are so versatile!
Things you'll need: Fabric scraps (cut into circles), small piece of felt, alligator clips, glue gun.
What to do: Fold & glue the fabric into a cone, the start adding more circles, gluing at the base to keep the petal shape you like.

When you've made your flower, glue the alligator clip between the felt and the flower.
Voila! I love this craft because it's such an easy way to accessorize your hair. The more flowers you add, the more dramatic the look. Use bigger circles, bright colors, make a wreath!
♥ Shannon

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Eggless Easter Eggs

Paint is the new dye, my friends. And papier-mâché is the new egg. ::cough vegan cough::

Anyway, this was a fun project where I painted--and then glittered--some papier-mâché eggs from the craft store. It was so easy and fun! It was a little messy, but a contained mess. I felt like a kid again.

(PS: How precious is this subway art from eighteen25?! I love those girls!)
Things you'll need: papier-mâché eggs, paint, paint brush, glitter, glitter glue, glitter tray, clear spray adhesive.
First, paint the eggs and let them dry (I used acrylic paints).
Second, apply the glitter.

I used Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Glue and the Crystal Fine glitter. The Glittering Glue has its own paintbrush--like nail polish--so it's easy to apply. Paint it on, pour on the glitter, let dry. Seal with the spray adhesive.
They come out all bright and pretty--and they can be used for years!
What Easter crafts are you looking forward to?

♥ Shannon
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