Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I love when artist's post images of their sketchbooks; lately, I've really been enjoying finished pieces that look sketchy--maybe rough lines with just a bit of color. To me, the artist's natural talent really shows in these pieces.

Viet-My Bui is probably one of my favorite artists. She is so talented and fantastic. She's been rocking this kind of artwork. Check out her work. Seriously, it's amazing.
Lois Van Baarle also rocks my socks off. Her work is so great. This sketch actually doesn't do her justice, but I just wish I could do even this much!!
Stephan McGowan also has a great style--I love the sketchiness! It makes me feel like if I could just learn how to draw comfortably, I wouldn't be too far from making fun art.
This was my first attempt at it. It took me *so* long. I have a feeling Viet-My would have rocked something like this in about ten minutes. Hey, it's a start, though...

♥ Shannon

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