Sunday, February 10, 2013

29 Before 29

Hello darlings! I haven't shared my 29 Before 29 list with you, so in honor of my half birthday, here it is!

1. Create a comedy clip & drama clip
2. Get an agent
3. Hang inspiring artwork
4. Buy pretty art
5. Bike to yoga
6. Pole photoshoot
7. Write a screenplay
8. Host a brunch
9. Go camping
10. Make envelope clutch
11. Make a dress
12. Host a party
13. Make a dessert buffet
14. See a live performance
15. Redesign Little Luck Tree
16. Drive-in movie date
17. See a Shakespeare play
18. Hike at Griffith Park
19. Go to the beach
20. Enjoy coffee & donuts
21. Make a throw pillow cover
22. Decorate the apartment
23. Use up Diana F+ film
24. Learn a new song on the guitar
25. Go dancing
26. Paint nails a neon color
27. Perfect a pumpkin drink
28. Take a sword fighting class
29. Write a festival short

You can check out my 28 Before 28 and my 27 Before 27 lists as well, but no judging!

♥ Shannon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Housewarming Gift

My little sister just moved into her first apartment and I'm so proud of her. Moving is one of the scary things we all experience in life (and it takes a lot of work). I put together a little housewarming gift for her and I thought I'd share.
I wanted to make it practical and helpful, so I tried to focus on the essentials that everyone needs (but that we sometimes forget to buy):
--A set of 3 glass storage jars
--Natural cleaning wipes
--Meyer's dish soap
--Striped party straws
--Bag clips
--Kleenex packs
--LED flashlight
--Lint brush
--Gorilla Glue
--Extension cord
--Kitchen towel
I tucked everything into the jars and tied fun ribbons onto them. I wrote her a love note, and slipped everything into a reusable grocery bag. Super easy, cute, and I feel confident she'll use everything in there. I did my shopping at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Target, so the total was less than $25.

Have you given or received any cool housewarming gifts? I'd love to hear about them!

♥ Shannon

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun Surprise

I shot a Jeep commercial in December and was pleasantly surprised to see it debut at the Super Bowl tonight. I've been getting messages from so many friends and loved ones congratulating me--it's been thrilling.
The timing is very appropriate, and I'll tell you why. Just last night I was telling Matt how terrifying acting is, how hard it is to be an artist and to have to ask for permission to do the work I love.

I feel like today the universe reminded me that there is no use in letting fear in my heart. "Making it" might take me years, or I could get a break out role tomorrow--there is no way of knowing, so I shouldn't waste time being afraid.

For anyone else who feels this way about creative pursuits or starting your own business, I highly recommend The War of Art. I just bought it and I read it in one day--so inspiring and enlightening!

♥ Shannon
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