Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Decisions Decisions

We all knew this day would come: I have finally treated myself with an iPhone (the Verizon iPhone 4, in fact). Now I just have to figure out how to make it even sexier.
2. Clear Belkin case
6. Speck Argyle

So many choices!! Here is what I know: 
1. I need a case (my little Motorola flip has cracks, scratches, and paint blotches on it)
2. I want it to be pretty.

Right now I'm leaning towards a fun skin with a clear case...but oh how to choose? Let me know what you think--and how you've jazzed up your phones.

♥ Shannon


  1. This post might help!

  2. Yay for iPhone! Are you addicted yet? I think #5 looks like you. Because apparently I know you so well lol). But I'm partial to pink, so I love #2 as well.

  3. I love the argyle, but if the argyle and the pink could get married and have little pink argyle babies that would be awesomesauce.

  4. So many choices!! Maybe I need more than one!


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