Saturday, June 23, 2012

National Pink Day

As usual, erika from pinksuedeshoe has inspired me like crazy. In honor of her strength and grace, today I have indeed been celebrating National Pink Day. Without any ado, here is my pink wish list:
This geometric design necklace from Ruche is brilliant.
I just obviously can't have a wishlist without something from Fancy Treehouse.
I want to hang this fashion print from Inslee By Design on my wall immediately. And pretty much every other print she has. 
These hot pink nugget earrings are so cute I almost just said "adorbs". 
The loveliness of this print from The White Deer is endless.

If anyone should feel so inclined, stop by pinksuedeshoe for some cuteness, great photography, and inspiration and wish erika a Happy National Pink Day!

♥ Shannon

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little White Dress

Today is the summer solstice! I think it's time to celebrate with some sun salutations, a picnic, and a little white dress.
I just discovered Inslee By Design and I love everything she does. Check out her blog for a lovely treat, and then browse through the prints in her shop--adorable!

Happy Summer!

♥ Shannon

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creative Dating Guide

One of my favorite bloggers, Amanda from Wit & Whistle, recently created a Hobby Compatibility Quiz. You and your partner each fill it out, marking down the hobbies or activities you'd be interested in. Then you compare your answers and see which activities you both marked.
This actually gave us a lot of chuckles, some great ideas, and also somehow reaffirmed our strange-but-awesomely-in-synch relationship. A few that Matt and I both chose are: amusement parks, astronomy, cocktail mixing, fencing, film making, and visiting wildlife parks.

I highly suggest checking out the quiz, and while you're there, peek around Wit & Whistle--the photography alone is worth it!

♥ Shannon

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A small confession

I have a fun new hobby. How do I say this...

I pole dance.
Now I know this might conjure images of strip clubs and miscellaneous nighttime activities, but rest assured, this is a daytime-fully-clothed gig. I've been teaching at a dance boutique and I just love it.

If you don't know much about pole dancing as an art form, or heck, even a gymnastic sport, please check out this fun video of Jenyne Butterfly on The Ellen Show.

In fact, even if you do know much about pole dancing, check out the video. I'll wait. Two of my heroes in the same room--you won't be disappointed.

Between dance and acting, I've been quite busy! I've stayed quite active on Pinterest (if you've been following all my boards, you may have noticed I'm preparing for a very special and strange event) and Instagram, so feel free to follow me there and say hello!

♥ Shannon
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