Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday!

Oh the colors, my loves, the colors! Spring is bursting out (not so much in Maryland, where we had a crazy storm last night), but oh on the internet! It's making me want to run out into the world to find such things...
I just adore this tablescape from Style Me Pretty (who else?) and I find myself needing to throw a party. Why don't I have any friends?
Michi's shop is so fun, and my favorite thing in it is this lovely notebook, especially as it promises to "make writing down your thoughts seem important." Sold!
I'm not even sure I like grapefruit, but I find myself wanting this breakfast immediately. The stripes, the book, the fruit. Now, please.
I'm told that somewhere nearby the cherry blossoms and magnolias are in full bloom. I see sticks out my window, but Elena apparently knows where to look. Her blog and her flickr photostream are worth taking a peak at.
This smock tutorial is delicious to look at; I just might have to learn how to smock!
::wail:: That's all I have to say about this little fella. Well, that, and I might have to borrow Matt's credit card so it can arrive at my house promptly.

♥ Shannon

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  1. If you have a party as pretty as that I'll fly across the country to come! Why is it that it seems the only reason to have a really pretty party is for a wedding... I object! (I mean, pretty weddings are good and all, but what if I want to have a pretty party just to have one?)


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