Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Play

I admit that I spent way too much time on this, especially when I had many other things that I would have liked to get done.

Still! Not all was for naught! I got to play around with masks in Photoshop, and you get a peek at what I could do if I was just a little more brave...

I've been wanting to dye my hair red!!! So bad. But there just isn't any red dye in Maryland, and I just don't know if I want to pay money to do it.

I think I could pull off red...
Or maybe I should just stick with what works, but maybe darken the brown a little.
Heh. Blue was just for fun, but I kind of like it....
For the past 9 years, I had been in the military, and I had to have hair that was a natural color, so I just never did anything with it. Now I'm learning about the fun I can have, but it's a little tricky.

Anyway, this was a fun experiment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

PS: This all started when I was trying to make it blonde. Didn't work so much. If you have any photoshop tips...I'm pretty sure I'd make an excellent hypothetical blonde!

♥ Shannon


  1. I like both the red and darker brown. I say go for red! Why not? You can always change it back if you don't like it.

    The blue hair reminds me... Have you ever seen pictures of Katherine with her different colored hair back in high school? My favorite was when she had her hair blonde with blue tips! If you haven't seen it, I will have to send you some pics! :)

  2. You can totally do red! I've been seriously considering going pink.... but if I think too seriously about it I get all freaked out again!

  3. Ladies, you're making me feel brave!

    Emily, I'm probably going to need to see those pictures...

  4. Hello, Shannon! I'm knew here - found you thru Unclutterer (she highlighted your light & airy studio!). I'm a fan now & will be back, but I digress: go RED! It looks GREAT on you & suits your coloring. I was like you & always wanted to try red but would back out @ the last minute. Well, I don't know what happened but last fall I just did it. Dark red, too & it worked! I loved it!!! I did it myself out of a box. I used a Preference color, maybe Dark Auburn? I'm back blonde now, but it was really fun & I'm glad I took the plunge. I can officially mark that off my bucket list, haha

  5. wow, the red looks amazing! you did a great job with the photoshop masks.


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