Monday, January 31, 2011

What's in my bag?

I like to play this game! Especially when I'm feeling particularly trendy (and/or hipster?):

1. MAC Lipstick
2. Card carrier/wallet (from my future sister-in-law!)
3. Fossil sunglasses
4. Keys + gorgeous goldfish keychain
5. Compact mirror from Paris (a gift from my dear friend Sam)
6. Silly old cell phone (Verizon iPhone next?)
7. Spry gum in an altoids tin!
8. Meditation labyrinth
9. Grandfather's binoculars (bird lady, remember?)
10. Notebook (I'm obsessed with them)
11. Sketchbook
12. Magazine (Fossil catalogue, in this case)
13. Pen/pencil
14. Scarf (Forever 21)
15. The bag itself (hand-me-down from my stylish friend Jess)

So, what's in your bag?

♥ Shannon

Happy Monday

Today I am loving chiffon.
Alix at the cherry blossom girl knows fashion (and interior design). LOVE.
Adorable etsy find. (Also, I'm loving the messy paint in the background. Something to think about. Hmmmmm.)
Blue or white--chiffon is just so flowy. (Spring? Spring is that you? It's me, Shannon!)

I die. Somehow I need to find a way to wear this dress every day. Forever.
I love the soft fabric with the funky silhouette. Yes yes.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Restyle

I love upcycling, so I was very excited to play with Project Restyle, (the brainchild of the ever-clever Elsie and Rachel!). Of course, that was before I realized that I have no idea how to sew! Nonetheless, when Forest picked out this silly old skirt from a thrift store, I couldn't resist.
So, the skirt was sort of long, shapeless and frumpy.  I shortened it, took it in a lot, and put a clean belt over the elastic waist. Whew!
I originally envisioned pockets...but it turns out I do not know how to make pockets (and I ran out of decent fabric!). Maybe next time!!
My mom was getting all into it. She quickly pulled up an image of Mondo's skirt from Project Runway, talking about buying a turquoise shirt and chunky jewelry!
So there you have it! My first Project Restyle--with more to come! Stay warm and crafty, friends!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Today I made myself a lavender eye pillow and I thought I'd show you how to make one, too! They are quite simple, and a perfect use of fabric scraps!
Things you'll need: rice or flaxseed, herbs (optional--I used lavender), rule, scissors, sewing pins, needle and thread, sewing machine (optional, but ideal), fabric scraps: one for lining (muslin or cotton) and one for the outer pillow (something soft--I used a soft satin blend).
Step 1: Cut a 9 x 6 inch rectangle out of the lining.
Step 2: Fold in half lengthwise and pin edges together, leaving one short end unpinned.
Step 3: Sew the edges together (I used a zig zag stitch). Turn inside out.
Step 4: Measure about 2/3 cup rice. Add herbs to preference and mix.
Step 5: Fill inner pillow about 3/4 full (I made a makeshift funnel out of a scrap piece of paper). You want to leave a little bit of space in the pillow for flexibility. Sew the open edge shut.
Step 6: Cut a 10 x 7 inch rectangle out of the satin. Fold in half lengthwise with right sides in. Pin two edges and sew. Turn right side out. Iron smooth and flat.
Step 7: Slide inner pillow into satin case. 
Step 8: Fold rough edges in and iron. Use a slip stitch to close the hole.
Step 9: You're done! Enjoy.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Lovely

I just spent my first weekend in Yoga Teacher Training and I just feel so...content. I felt deeply grateful for such an honest experience, full of learning and willingness to learn. I can think of no better way to begin 2011. Here are a few lovely images that inspire me greatly:

First, these images of Kathryn Budig blow my mind. Any day I feel sluggish on the mat, I think of her. (Plus I have some pink toesox and I love 'em!)
Jasper Johal is a fantastic photographer, these poses are so dynamic, and the yoga clothes are so cheerful! A resounding yes, I cry!
I thought these origami lotus flowers were precious even before I realized they were made by Jessica at How About Orange
I just think of a warming essential oil like cinnamon and holding hot stones during savasana. Oh, yes.
When yoga meets modern photography. I love it. (Photo by Michael O'Neill)
Christy Turlington again. I find this photograph stunning. I tell myself that is how I would look during lotus. If I could do lotus...


Friday, January 21, 2011

A bit of red

So I am back in town and back to work! Last night I played with a bold new acrylic piece:
It was feeling very strong against neutral walls, but then when I put it in the green bedroom, it really sang!
During traditional painting, I am always reminded of how much I love digital editing (⌘Z for one...). This was one of those pieces where I just had to keep adding to, instead of trying to remove or undo. It goes up for sale in a local gallery this week!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday

Fashion + Art = YES.

These works by David Downtown are making my little creative lights twinkle. I just love them. Here are a few of my favorites:
That yellow one is blowing my mind!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Practices: $100 -- Three Easy Ways!

So, this holiday season I was pulling all the stops for a bit of extra cash. I realized that there are some really brilliant ways to make money--with little or no effort! Each year, I plan on making $50-$150 each time I try one of these three things:

1. Yard Sale
I put very little effort into this one. Not only was I able to reduce some of the clutter in my house, but I made some spending cash off it as well! By practicing good advertising and presentation, with clear prices, and a few big ticket items (for me, the old CD player and some picture frames), you can walk away with some serious dough.

2. The Rewards Card
Seriously, all I have to do is spend money...and then I get a little spending bonus at the end of the year! Check with your bank to see what kinds of rewards program you are eligible for. Read the fine lines, of course. I earn 2 points for every dollar I spend as credit on my debit card. Just make sure you're paying off your card right away (interest rates on debt will totally cancel out your $150 end-of-year bonus, friends!).

3. Collecting Change
Images: 1 2 3
I suppose I have Matthew to thank for this one. The man leaves a trail of coins everywhere he goes--the dryer, the car, the bedroom floor, every chair/couch in the house...and I just squirrel it away and cash it in at the end of the year. It's so easy with Coinstar. Find locations near you and check out how the machine will pay up: it might be cash at the store with a 10% fee, or free if you get a gift card (Amazon, Borders, and Starbucks are just a few examples of gift card options). $100 for doing nothing.

So there you have it friends--three ways to make $100 (or more!). Go forth and spend.


PS: If Matthew is reading this, of course I spent your change buying you a present!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bridal Shoes

I just love love the idea of having exciting shoes under a wedding gown! Some sort of fun pump with an unexpected pop of color or maybe jewels or flair. Here are some of my favorites:
Image Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I'm excited that after years of secretly checking these out, I actually get to go find some of my own!

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