Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Eggless Easter Eggs

Paint is the new dye, my friends. And papier-mâché is the new egg. ::cough vegan cough::

Anyway, this was a fun project where I painted--and then glittered--some papier-mâché eggs from the craft store. It was so easy and fun! It was a little messy, but a contained mess. I felt like a kid again.

(PS: How precious is this subway art from eighteen25?! I love those girls!)
Things you'll need: papier-mâché eggs, paint, paint brush, glitter, glitter glue, glitter tray, clear spray adhesive.
First, paint the eggs and let them dry (I used acrylic paints).
Second, apply the glitter.

I used Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Glue and the Crystal Fine glitter. The Glittering Glue has its own paintbrush--like nail polish--so it's easy to apply. Paint it on, pour on the glitter, let dry. Seal with the spray adhesive.
They come out all bright and pretty--and they can be used for years!
What Easter crafts are you looking forward to?

♥ Shannon


  1. We're making edible nests later this week. There will be a blog. Om nom nom. Vegan- you're hilarious!

  2. These are lovely. How adorable are you in that .gif?!

  3. I'm so happy you like the subway art! I am loving those eggs. Maybe I can make those while the kiddos dye their eggs.

  4. High praise coming from you, Jamie!

    Emily, I don't even know what you're making your nests out of, but ever since your comment I've been wanting chocolate covered pretzels.

    Thank you for commenting on my .gif, PinkLuxe--it took me forever to figure out how to make it!!

  5. I love this idea! So cute! I adore pastel colors.

    1. Thank you, Angela! I've really been loving pastels lately!

  6. So cute! Where did you find the eggs?

    1. Michael's! Hobby Lobby or Joann's might have them, too.


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