Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Art Journal: Bonus!

I'll be posting every day in December for my Holiday Art Journal series, but today you get a bonus entry: the cover!
I have tried many different ways to decorate the cover of my art journals: paper, mod podge, stickers, ribbon, etc. What I find works the best is to keep it simple. Modpodge will stick to other books on a shelf, and loose ends will catch and fall off. I like to use a few layers of paper firmly taped down.
For my Holiday Art Journal, I taped down a piece of holiday scrapbook paper, then gave it a border with another piece. Try writing out your own title on a separate piece of paper and frame it with a complimentary piece of paper. 
To add a little dimension, I wrote a favorite holiday quote (from "A Christmas Carol") right on front. I think using your own hand writing makes journals extra special, especially if someone who loves you will be reading it. They'll recognize your writing and it will remind them of any cards or letters you've written them!
Like I said, I keep it nice and simple because this is the least protected page. But it's still pretty, and it makes me happy to carry it around!

For information on what kind of notebook and materials I use, check out my info page!

Come back later today for your first entry!

♥ Shannon


  1. This is so fun! I'm horrible at making little art journals but I love this. What did you use for the book? A plain scrapbook or journal?

    1. I just used a 7x10inch mixed media artist's book from the craft store--it's a sketchbook/watercolor/acrylic book.


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