Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Art Journal: Your Wish List

Now that you've listed out the gifts you're giving others, have a little fun coming up with what you would like. Your loved ones are going to ask, anyway--you might as well be prepared!
I always reuse wrapping paper and gift bags, so I started out with some left over paper and taped it down as my back drop. On a separate sheet of paper, I journaled about what I want for the holidays.
Now it's time to make your own list. This is for you, so you can dream big or small. Maybe put some items on there that you've been wanting for awhile, but just haven't splurged on for yourself (paper straws!). Maybe put items on you've been dreaming of for awhile (vintage fan!).
I've found that if you know exactly what you want, you'll probably get it. It isn't necessary to be modest or humble when your spouse asks what you want for Christmas--he's going to get you something! Make it easy for him! If you just want a clean house and a romantic evening, say it! If you want an iTunes gift card, say it!

And if right now you want something that isn't quite feasible (like, say, a phone call from Steven Spielberg), list it anyway as a dream, and you can begin to manifest it for yourself.

I'm adding the phone call to my list....

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♥ Shannon


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