Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Art Journal: Still, Still, Still

Look, the holidays are magical, but they can also be a bit hectic!
Take some time today to just sit by yourself and journal for a bit. You can go to a coffeeshop and order your favorite drink, sit by a tree or a window with lights, or find any place that will make you feel calm.
I explored what I could do with just ink. I made borders and then more borders, drawing different textures like stars and stripes.
You can journal about how you're feeling, and don't worry about censoring it. This is for you! I've been feeling a little stressed, so I wrote down what I could do to remind myself to be more present.
As little extras, I used my stamps to play with borders. Stamps are fun because they're kind of unpredictable. This is a silly time stamp that I'm pretty sure Matt stole from his office years ago. It's mine for journaling now!

Take some time for yourself. Write down memories or your feelings, just for yourself, no pressure!

♥ Shannon

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