Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Art Journal: Holiday Cocktails

During the holidays, there are plenty of parties. I love getting dressed up in something sparkly, visiting with friends, and sipping something fun!
What are your favorite drinks during the holiday season? Or maybe just during the cold weather? I made a list of my favorites from pomegranate martinis to soy chai lattes.
Look through magazines or blogs and find a new recipe you'd like to try. I can't wait to try this recipe for punch from BHG magazine. 
If you've never played with washi tape, I highly recommend it. It comes in pretty colors and patterns, it has a light stick to it so you can move it around until you're satisfied. I spent a long time afraid to use my washi tape because I loved it, but just have at it! Decorate your pages--you can always ask Santa for more!
Don't be afraid of negative space in your journal. When you're flipping through the pages later, you'll enjoy the variation.

Bonus points for trying out a new drink! You can include your own photos in your journal and enjoy the memories!

♥ Shannon

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