Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Art Journal!

I kept a holiday art journal before and I had so much fun writing down memories and tucking pictures and lists into the pages. It's especially fun now to go back and look at it.
This year I thought I'd invite you to art journal along with me! I'll be posting a free series here on Little Luck Tree every day in December. You can pop in and join me whenever you like! I'll be providing journal prompts and ideas, art journal tips & tricks, and creative inspiration. 
My intention is not to add something else onto my holiday plate, but to take some time each day to capture memories and reflect on the holiday season. The prompts will be special, the ideas and craft effort simple, and the final product meaningful!
I celebrate Christmas and New Year's, but this will be a "Holiday Art Journal" focusing on winter and the holiday season in general, with special shout-outs to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Year's. Everyone is welcome to join--and by all means, change it as you like!
I mentioned that the craft effort should be simple, and it really is!
Here is the list of the things you need:
1. A blank journal or notebook, any size (I grabbed a 7x10inch mixed media artist's book because I like the heavy pages, and sometimes I paint!)
2. Your favorite pen
3. Double sided tape (glue works too, but I like that tape doesn't wrinkle my paper)
4. Scissors
5. Holiday ephemera (catalogues/magazines, craft paper, wrapping paper, advertisements, thrifted books, sheet music--anything that inspires you!)

Some bonus material to add extra touches:
1. Washi Tape and/or masking tape
2. Stamps and/or stickers
3. Photographs (polaroid/instax, printed, or developed)
4. Paints (watercolor or acrylic, not oil--it takes too long to dry!)
5. Fancy pens (India Ink is waterproof--works well with watercolors) or markers
6. Sewing machine for fancy borders
7. Hole punch or paper punches

So feel free to follow along! I have made a flickr group for everyone to post pictures and connect with each other. If you blog your pages, please leave me a link below in the comments so I can check them out, and be sure to link back here!

I can't wait to journal with you!

♥ Shannon


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