Thursday, September 8, 2011

28 Before 28

It's that time again, folks. Another birthday come and gone, so here is my new list for the year. I have until August 10, 2012--wish me luck! 28 Things To Do Before 28:

1. Learn to play guitar
2. Dance performance
3. Set the Date! (Like, seriously set the date.)
4. Find a great vegan hot dog
5. Make a dress
6. Write a screenplay
7. Make a demo reel
8. Make a paper flower
9. Go to a flea market
10. Go surfing
11. Visit a foreign country
12. Create a short film
 13. Make an acting website
14. Have afternoon tea with Matthew
15. Invent a delicious new cocktail
16. Find the perfect camera bag
17. Complete 5 items on the Vegan Bucket List
18. Submit to agents
19. Scrapbook
20. Fill up green sketchbook
21. Knit a scarf
22. Create a daily yoga practice
23. Ride bike to the library
24. Buy striped fabric
25. Go camping
26. Join a union
27. Paint something fun
28. Go on a Sister Date

Ambitious? Yes indeed! It's going to be a fun year (life changing, you might say)!!

PS: Wanna peek at last year? Here is my 27 Before 27!

♥ Shannon


  1. You got so much planned to do before 28 o_o

  2. I love this concept! It basically means that for each year you have to accomplish more ;) I have a 100 things list, but it's a little overambitious though... I've added "go an ashram" and "learn to play the guitar" together with "see a meteor shower at it's peak" AND "learn to meditate". WHEN will i get to do all these things??

    Stopping by from FTLOB - have a Magic Monday :)
    Greetings from Norway,
    Halina @☆Moments of a Libra ☆

  3. Very ambitious! I just turned 28, maybe I need a 29 before 29 list- thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is a great idea! I have a 30 Before 30... but 30 is a few years away from me. I like the idea of a list every year! Congrats on your FTLOB feature today!!!

  5. you were the commenter above me on ftlob comment love day... and i was already following your blog. love the 28-28 list! you could combine some of the list like..create a delicious cocktail and serve for brunch or peruse a flea market with the sis and get coffee after!

  6. Oooo, Liz, I like the way you think!


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