Thursday, September 15, 2011

Instagram Actions for Photoshop

Okay, this is pretty awesome. Daniel Box made Instagram Actions for Photoshop--and they work brilliantly. Here are a few examples:

Plus, he's made them free to download. Check out the actions, and definitely check out Mr. Box's tumblr--it's a visual treat, I promise.

PS: How pretty is that dress? Hey, let me ask you guys something--is it wrong to steal from one's little sister??

♥ Shannon


  1. Love these, they all bring something different and unique to the pics. Congrats on being featured on FTLOB. Was loving your T-shirt necklace tutorial. Might just have to try that one out myself :)

  2. Love the HEFE :) :) beautiful colors, beautiful dress! Found you while browsing FTLOB. Congrats on the feature!!

  3. I got bit by the shutterbug last year. Photography is soo fun! Love these actions, I use quite a few in CS5. Also? You do amazing self-portraits. Congrats on your FTLOB 's feature. :-)

  4. I miss taking self-portraits and experimenting on them. This is so cool. I think you just gave me an idea and that's using my phone app. *giggles* It's so fun playing around with cameras.

    A Ladybug's Life


  5. My little sister always stole clothes from me! Haha. no, it's totally a theft worthy dress!

    I love editing photos too, super fun!

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