Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post: DIY Remember-Me Cards

I'm excited to share my first official guest post here on Little Luck Tree, brought to you by Frankie. It's a cute and quick tutorial for making personalized cards for your loved ones--it also strikes me as a fun family project! Enjoy!

Hi all lovely Little Luck Tree readers, my name is Frankie and I currently live in London, UK. Outside from my day job in the City, I run an Etsy shop, Funtime Frocks Etc. selling vintage clothes, accessories and sewing patterns. I am also known as a Bird, as my blog As the Bird flies suggests. This is my travel blog to document an up and coming trip with my boyfriend. We're packing up our London lives next month to fly to south east Asia, Australia and New Zealand to chase the sun and experience new adventures.
Two of the hardest things about planning this trip has been reducing my personal belongings by more than half and secondly, I am dreading saying goodbye to my nearest and dearest. However, as I sorted my clothes into "charity shop" (thrift store), "storage" and "going travelling" piles I couldn't commit a couple of items to any of these piles because they were damaged yet had a lot of sentimental value because I'd worn and loved them so much. These included some crazy (but awesome!) animal print pyjamas I picked up for $2 in a thrift store in Seattle (yes really!), my most favourite shirt check shirt (again thrifted once upon a time) and a pretty flowery summer top. I've worn each item so much over the years there are holes and tears to the material. Because I've worn them so much I know that they will be instantly familiar and "very Frankie" to my friends and family so I decided to reuse them to make special "good-bye cards".

Here's what you need to make these very quick and easy cards:
Much-loved but worn out material!
Old card to cut up (I used some old stationary but a cereal box would be perfect too)
"Posh" card for the cards (I chose bright colours that again I wear a lot so they're recognisable as "me")
Fabric glue (I used 3M Craft Mount spray glue as it's so quick and easy to use)
Paper clips and fabric pins
"Pinking" scissors
Normal scissors
Pencil for drawing and marking
Glitter, scrapbook masking tape or other fun things to stick on your card (optional)

1. Pick a design to made of your fabric. The idea is to make this personal, so maybe pick your favourite, shape, animal or flower. I am always signing off cards and notes with a little love heart so I chose to draw and cut out hearts for my card design. Cut out a template of your shape on card using the normal scissors.
2. Cut out in fabric. Use the card shape as a template on fabric to cut around. You may need to pin the card on to fabric so that it stays put. I used pinking scissors because they tend to cut the fabric in a way which means it doesn't fray too much, alternatively you could hem the shape.
3. Cut out a few fabrics & sizes. Layers are fun!
4. Stick to card. It's that simple! Mark out where you want your shape and using fabric glue or special craft glue stick the fabric onto the card. 
5. Layer! Add other layers or some glitter to jazz your cards up!
Done! I chose to write some of the lyrics from my favourite songs, or little messages that mean something to my friends, this makes the card personal and unique.

Write your message and seal with a loving kiss! 
I hope that these cards will be lovely little somethings to remember me by for my family when I'm away travelling and hope you've been inspired to try this sometime soon.

I've found lots of other ways to use up the rest of the material include making jam car covers, cute bows and ribbon for wrapping presents, and lastly bunting which I'm now making for our leaving party! Happy creating!

And thank you again to Shannon for letting me share a little piece of my story and crafting with you all. In return I'd like to give all Little Luck Tree readers 20% off my Etsy shop with the code FUNTIMELUCKTREE!

Thank you so much for the super cute tutorial and the discount to your shop, Frankie!! I love the idea of using fabrics that friends and loved ones will recognize. I have a few pieces that come to mind...

♥ Shannon


  1. This is cute! Especially since it's upcycling things that you already own, I love doing that!
    <3 Linda

  2. Thanks, Linda! I loved it too--upcycling always makes me feel accomplished!


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