Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Instax Gratification

I'm just getting the hang of my little instax camera, even though I've had it for almost a year now. Here are some images from our picnic.
I used to think of the film as precious, so only really great pictures should be taken (thus I rarely took pictures). Now I think of it as a way of capturing special moments--quick little snapshots for me to hold in my hand and savor.
This is a picture of me taking a picture of Matt (featured above). You can see from the instax shot that I hesitated, so really he took a picture of me posing...but I captured one of him. He just looks so natural and off-guard, and I get to hold the memory of him with his camera.

So special!

♥ Shannon


  1. My dad gave me an instax for my birthday in FEb and I haven't even pulled it out yet! Because I am worried about "wasting" film. But I love your thought of being able to hold a memory in your hand. I'm opening the box this weekend. I promise.

  2. Even pictures that turn out "wrong" just make me smile now. You won't be sorry once you start snapping with it!!


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