Friday, June 24, 2011

With love's light wings...

Okay, so this is what happened. A few years ago Matt was deployed during Christmas, and one of the gifts he sent to me was a silver necklace with a quote from Romeo and Juliet: "With love's light wings did I o'er perch these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out."

The military gave us many obstacles in our relationship, one of them being the fact that we had to live in different countries for almost a year. He picked out this quote for us because whatever the "stony limits" were, they couldn't keep love out. (Awwww).

Then. I lost the necklace. I still maintain that it was stolen, but whatever.

This arrived in the mail the other day:
Okay!! It's possible that I strongly hinted that I needed wouldn't complain about a new one.

I just love it, you know?

♥ Shannon

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