Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Picnic!!

It's the solstice!! Today marks two of my favorite things: summer and pagan excuses to party. There was only one thing to do: have a picnic. And guess what, loves--it was vegan (and delicious!!).
Last summer I purchased this picnic basket at a yard sale for $2, then I made this little insert to put in it. Fun!
Cream soda, organic strawberries & blueberries, PB&J (sort of...I prefer sunflower seed butter), and blueberry lemon cupcakes. It was so yummy!
One of the gifts Matt gave me for Christmas was a book called The Book of Us. It has 150 Questions for us to write out, such as "When did you first know you were in love?" We brought it to the picnic to fill out a few more answers (and giggle over the memories).
Outfit details: Shirt: Delia's; Skirt: Paper Doll; Wedges: Old Navy; Ring: Express; Aviators: Fossil

It was a lovely, lovely way to start summer.

♥ Shannon


  1. We had one of first of summer picnics too! Only mine was much less, um, aesthetically pleasing. We ate pizza out of the box. All three of us at the same time. Lovely. (But it really was... in a please don't take a picture of the grease stain on the bottom of the pizza box kind of way. Ha!)

  2. Mmmmmmmm, I love pizza! Sounds like a perfect little family picnic to me!!


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