Sunday, January 1, 2012

Five Things

I love to mark the passing of time with goals. I think it's the military girl in me that responds really well to measuring change by looking back at a year and seeing what I've accomplished. That's probably why I keep an ongoing birthday year list, 28 Before 28, and also why I identify Five Things each year to focus on.

They are not exactly resolutions for the new year, but measurable goals I'd like to accomplish this year. Here are my Five Things for 2012:

1. Write my book. I admit that this has been really intimidating me. I worked on this all last year and did everything except actually write the book. It is outlined, the chapter summaries are prepared, and I write it in my brain every night. Time to face my fear and get that baby down on paper!

2. Hanumanasana (otherwise known as the splits). During my yoga retreat in Mexico, Kathryn Budig (yoga goddess!) suggested that we choose two huge poses a year to work on--just two! Last year was a great year for me physically, and I really developed my yoga practice. This year will be about deepening my practice and hopefully repairing some of the damage my body sustained during active duty.

3. Meditate. Every day.

4. Act. Did I tell you that I moved to Hollywood to act? It was such a huge shift for me to go from "I want to be an actor" to "I am an actor". I'm in Hollywood, I'm booking jobs, I'm an actor. I can't wait to make my dreams happen this year.

5. Create. I feel so happy when I'm creating things, whether it is blogging, art journaling, painting--or the endless other artistic callings I have. I want to prioritize this part of my life because it makes me happy.

How do you like to mark the new year? Resolutions? Reflection? I'd love to hear different traditions!

♥ Shannon


  1. well done on acting, just like you I have a career dream: dance. I hope my guide helps you to do he splits as well it would be a huge achievement! xox

  2. Meditation is definitely something I should do regularly. There are free sessions offered weekly in the town where I live; one of my resolutions is to take advantage of that opportunity!

    Good luck with your goals. :)

  3. A.K.A Hanuman-awesome-na! I bet you can do it! Just remember to meet yourself where you are each day. Heart you!

  4. You go girl! It's so interesting to hear about the Acting. I've always sort of wanted to do something like that and I wish you the best with it! I made almost 30 New Year's resolutions. Not even kidding. But I'm pretty excited for all of them. Happy New Year!

  5. I didn't know you're acting! You should post more about that :) Us Mid-Westerners would find it super interesting & fun.

    I like your goal-setting. It's inspiring.


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