Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Tips for Working from Home

It's been a challenging transition, going from a day job to working from home. Sometimes having all the time in the world worked against me; I would put off doing work because I had time to do it later...then I would get nothing accomplished. So I've put together a few tips that help me get work done:
1. Get Dressed for Work. Put on something nice and inspiring, just like you would for a fun day job. Trust me, you'll be more productive if you feel professional. I never get good work done if I'm in my PJs.
3. Have a Designated Workspace. Keep it clean and tidy, put up some inspiring artwork or quotes, and make it a lovely spot that you look forward to working in.
3. Keep a Schedule. Get into a routine so you know when it's time to work and when it's time to play. This will help keep you productive.
4. Take Breaks. Get up and stretch every hour, reward yourself with a snack break, or a tea break in the afternoon. I find this helps break up the hours, leaving me refreshed to keep at it!
5. Finish the Day. If you consistently work late into the night, you could burn out. Make sure you give yourself a closing time so you can relax at home, guilt-free. This is important! Just because you could be doing more work, doesn't mean you should.

Do you work from home? I'd love to hear any other great tips.

♥ Shannon


  1. Love your tips! I was wondering what your work is, can't seem to find it? (or maybe I'm just stupid and I read over it :p)
    I would love to work from home too

  2. Cute photo styling! :)

    And I appreciate the tips even though I don't work from home. I could still organize my time better!

  3. Here's one: Use your slow times (i.e. not much paid work coming in) to take care of administrative stuff, even if it's not very urgent (file taxes, pay bills, file papers, deal with providers etc.) That way, when a large urgent job comes in, you can focus on that and don't have to worry about one of those things coming to bite you in the behind...
    Learnt it the hard way

  4. I absolutely LOVE having a clean workspace. Such an adorable shot to go with it!

  5. great tips! I've always worked from home and enjoyed not having to dress up, but I do miss it once in a while. And without a schedule, I can't get anything done!

  6. Vicky, you're not stupid at all! Right now I'm wearing a number of hats: blogger, actor, artist, yoga instructor. Basically your quintessential hippie/starving artist!

    walkingthecat--great tip! It's probably a better idea than watching Netflix all day....

  7. This was very interesting read. Work from Home is not easy to handle You have to balance in every aspect.

    1. It's tricky! I have to be very careful or I'll find myself still in pajamas at 5PM watching Hulu...and that never turns out well for anyone!


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