Monday, August 15, 2011

Camera Bag Inspiration

Friends, it's almost time for me to invest in a nice camera bag. I have my eye on a few pretties--let me share.

These bags are lovely, spacious, and vegan, which is very important to me. They range in price from $45 to $199. I don't mind paying more for a good quality bag (especially one as cute as these!).

Do you have a camera bag? What do you use?

♥ Shannon


  1. That yellow LuLu's bag is so pretty! And I so need a new camera bag - I'm currently using an old H&M bag. I'll need to check into LuLu's and see what else they've got! xxx mervi

  2. I vote for the Matt and Nat one....Matt Pearce and Natalie Scott!! Two of my favorite people!


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