Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easy Vanilla Bourbon Cupcakes

And they're vegan, baby!
There are a ton of recipes for cupcakes from scratch, but every now and then you need a quick and easy fix! Trader Joe's mixes are made of natural ingredients, and if I can pull these off, anyone can.
Free recipe card from vol.25
Here's how to veganize these:

Trader Joe's Vanilla Cake & Baking Mix calls for...
--1 Full Package of Mix
--2 Large Eggs 1/2 Cup Vanilla Soy Yogurt
--1 Stick Melted Butter 1/2 Cup Earth Balance
--1 Cup Cold Milk 1 Cup Cold Milk Replacement*

*I have used both Coconut Milk and Almond Milk--both are sweet and bake really well.

Baker Josef's (aka Trader Joe's) White Frosting Mix calls for...
--White Frosting Mix
--1 cube unsalted butter 1/2 Cup Earth Balance
--2-2.5 TBS hot water

I suggest two boxes of the frosting mix to top 18 cupcakes. Or the cakes taste ridiculously good when they're still warm topped with a little Earth Balance. Yes yes yes.

Enjoy the kind life, friends!

♥ Shannon


  1. I would try to make these but I'm terrible with baking lol. Anyways these cupcakes look cool and it's even cooler that they're vegan! :D

  2. They look and sound delicious!!

  3. These sound delish and I love the Trader Joe's mix as a shortcut! Happy Birthday! :)

  4. No shame in baking out of a box, as long as it's from a company you trust, right? So easy!

  5. Makes me wish there was a Trader Joes around here. Love the sparkler, it looks so festive!


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