Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Date with Myself (courtesy of my iPhone)

I enjoy time with myself. I bring a notebook into restaurants and dally, brainstorming, ordering my favorite things. I browse through stores and take my time. It's just sort of slow and thoughtful, without worrying about imposing on someone else.

I needed a few hours like this yesterday because I've been feeling anxious about moving, and my unplanned trip robbed me of the time I planned to use to accomplish personal goals. I wanted a few hours to just relax and remind myself that most of the timelines I set up for myself are arbitrary and can flex a bit when needed.
Do you go on dates with yourself? Where are your favorite places to go?

♥ Shannon


  1. That burger looks yummy
    No, Your whole Photography looks yummy ;).

  2. Yes. I do. My favorite date with myself was 9 years ago. I sat in an upstairs room of a restaurant in St. Petersburg (Russia, not florida) and wrote in my notebook for three hours without understanding a single converstaion around me. It was heaven. And a much needed distraction from my daily crazy life at the time. Me dates are awesome. I need more of those in my life. Great pics!


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