Friday, July 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Hi loves, did you know that it's already July? What?!

With 2011 half over, I am reminded of the promises I made to myself in January. Specifically, I had five things:

1. Write a novel. So far, I have three novels outlined, and one proposal started. I need to focus my efforts. Here is some inspiration for myself, courtesy of Kathy:
2. Open an etsy shoppe. I need a little more refinement here, too. I've begun to narrow down my ideas for it, but the move in August will uproot my ability to ship items for awhile. If only I could go to the Etsy Summit...
3. Do the splits. Right now, I look sort of like this fellow, but I'm working on it, I'm working on it.
4. Obtain Yoga Teacher certification. I am happy to say that I am over half-way there. My 11-month course will conclude in November, so I am right on track! (How lovely is this image from Christa Meola?)
5. Cook More. I am also pleased to say that I have been cooking most of my meals, like this delicious curry dish. Committing fully to a vegan lifestyle made cooking for myself more of a necessity, but the change in my body and attitude are palpable. I'm so grateful.
So that is where I'm at. How about you?

♥ Shannon


  1. I'm embracing a vegetarian diet, so that's good. I'm trying to eat 50% raw at every meal. In the last week I've decided to start treating my anxiety/depression with vitamin therapy... but I'll have to hold off most of that till after I'm done with the Lyme antibiotics. I got into King Pidgeon pose in Bita's class yesterday, and it was beautiful and amazing! I am also half done becoming a yoga teacher :) I want to build a shead in the back yard and then I hope to make a renaissance style corset.... But that might happen in the reverse order... Who knows.

  2. I try to do 60/40 raw, but it can be tricky if one is inclined to feel lazy, as I often do...although it's much easier in the summer!

    I have two corset patterns if you need some--you can check out one I made because I blogged about it. Project Runway or some such.


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