Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Grow Your Own Cat Grass

Fellow pet lovers!

Do you also find yourself keeping your feline companion in the home against her wishes? Try to make it up to her by buying cat grass at PetCo and then promptly killing said grass? Worry not. This system is easy, and it actually works!
What you'll need:
* Vermiculite (organic, if you please)
* Bird seed (I used Wild Bird Center Premium Feed; your local nursery can help you with suggestions)
* 3 small pots or containers

Step 1: Put vermiculite into one pot, filling to within 1" of the top.
Step 2: Sprinkle a thin layer of the bird seed over the vermiculite. Just enough to coat the surface. Add some water--just enough to wet the vermiculite without making it float. Place on a sunny windowsill.
Step 3: It will only take about a week and a half to grow (maybe more in cold weather). Once you have about 2" of growth, start another pot. Then, once the second pot has 2" of growth, start the third. This way you have a nice rotation of fresh grass for kitty.
Step 4: Place the fresh grass near your furry friend's food dish so she gets the point. She'll know when she needs to eat her veggies (cats are smart like that!).

Remember, felines are carnivores, but the grass seems to help them with digestion. Wild and domestic cats will naturally turn to it, so make sure you keep it available (and pesticide free!) for your indoor cat!

♥ Shannon

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