Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best Camera Ever

Hello Little Luck Treeians! (Treeites? Treeers? Saplings?) First, you should now this isn’t Shannon. She’s a little busy right now so this is her supportive fiancé Matthew filling in. When approaching the challenge of writing a post for a female orientated design/craft/fashion blog I must admit I was at a loss on what to write about, but then I figured: when in doubt stick with what you know. So lets talk about cameras, photos and capturing moments.

Shannon and I both love taking pictures (I’m basically the staff fashion photographer for LittleLuckTree... a position that doesn’t pay well but comes with some great perks). We definitely don’t have a shortage when it comes to cameras. Digital, Film, Instant; everything for the very expensive to the very cheap.  But what is the most import thing about photography? Its not the lenses or pixel count or focus points- Its the moment you are capturing. Case in point, the images below. They are some of the best I’ve ever taken. Captured moments after I proposed to Shannon, I simply held out my iPhone and snapped some shots in rapid succession. Honest smiles, the sparkle in Shannon’s eyes, the relief on my face... a true captured moment.  So, like the saying goes, and I have found to be true: The best camera is the one you have with you.

So ends my first post on Little Luck Tree. I think I did alright. So what are some of your favorite moments you’ve captured with whatever camera you had on you?



  1. Good job, Matt! I vote "saplings" BTW.

  2. Let's see...I have challenged myself to try to take at least on picture a day and I think one of my favorite pictures from this summer is my 2 yr. old spitfire nephew holding a water balloon with his teeth and shaking his head side to side so that the balloon is hitting his chubby little cheeks!

  3. Saplings! I love it. My favorite pic I've ever taken was of my daughter last summer. She didn't have enough hair to keep the sun off her scalp, so I had to drench her in sunscreen. Her face says exactly how she felt about that whole moment. Not. Pleased. Great post!

  4. Hey! I'm one of Matt's subscribers on youtube. Yes, yes, he sent us here! You guys look so happy together! Congrats :D!

  5. Welcome, Cookie! Thanks for visiting!

    Also, e, that's probably my favorite picture ever.


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