Friday, March 4, 2011

27 Things Before 27

I love finding new artists that expand my creative horizons and teach me new techniques. When I found Michelle, I was in love, and I knew I had to try out some of her use of color with bold outlines. Her bucket list inspired me, and so I made one of my own.

With six months until my birthday, I figure it's about time!
     27 Things Before 27!!
1. Go on a picnic
2. Go on a date with myself
3. Road trip
4. Do a handstand (sans wall, if possible!)
5. Paint something just for me
6. Get the iPhone
7. Buy a thrifted-only outfit
8. 108 Sun Salutations
9. Take up rock climbing
10. Make fabric flowers
11. Finish "Recovery" art journal
12. Discover a new place to eat
13. Set a (wedding) date
14. Bake a glorious cake
15. Lay out in the sun!
16. Film three monologues
17. Make a bird
18. See something new on the east coast
19. Do something spontaneous
20. Go to Jazz Night at the Great Sage
21. Visit a vegan bakery
22. Write to Dee Dee & Gerry
23. Surprise Matt with something
24. Hike
25. New headshots
26. Film 5 30-second pole videos

So there you have it--things I'll be doing (before *ahem* August 10 the end of August)! Wish me luck!

♥ Shannon


  1. Can you create one for me too?

  2. Brandi, would you like a list or a surprise? Maybe a surprise list....

  3. I might steal this idea. But as I'm totally running out of time till turning 30 it will have to be 30 while I'm 30. The wheels are totally turning!

  4. There's just nothing like a pretty list to get you off the couch and doing handstands and what not!

  5. love your list short and sweet. check out mine on


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