Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Round-Up: PT II

Happy Monday!! Did I mention that I'm mid road-trip right now? California or bust, baby!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween crafts this week:
These Burlap Ghost Lights from Burton Avenue are ah-MAZ-ing!
I just couldn't resist these Pom Pom Owls or these Broom Candy Bags from Woman's Day!!

Here are a few no-carve pumpkins if you're eager to get yourself to the pumpkin patch this year!
I love these painted lantern pumpkins--so pretty and festive!
How fun are these fish-net pumpkins from The Idea Attic???

Have you started crafting? Leave me a link in the comments below--I'd love to check out your projects!!

♥ Shannon


  1. Hopping over from FTLOB.. Love the ghost lights too cute!

  2. Visiting from comment love Sunday. These crafts are adorable! I've not made anything for Halloween this year, nor will I, but if I wanted to, I'd be making these for real.


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