Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Lovely

I just spent my first weekend in Yoga Teacher Training and I just feel so...content. I felt deeply grateful for such an honest experience, full of learning and willingness to learn. I can think of no better way to begin 2011. Here are a few lovely images that inspire me greatly:

First, these images of Kathryn Budig blow my mind. Any day I feel sluggish on the mat, I think of her. (Plus I have some pink toesox and I love 'em!)
Jasper Johal is a fantastic photographer, these poses are so dynamic, and the yoga clothes are so cheerful! A resounding yes, I cry!
I thought these origami lotus flowers were precious even before I realized they were made by Jessica at How About Orange
I just think of a warming essential oil like cinnamon and holding hot stones during savasana. Oh, yes.
When yoga meets modern photography. I love it. (Photo by Michael O'Neill)
Christy Turlington again. I find this photograph stunning. I tell myself that is how I would look during lotus. If I could do lotus...


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