Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Restyle

I love upcycling, so I was very excited to play with Project Restyle, (the brainchild of the ever-clever Elsie and Rachel!). Of course, that was before I realized that I have no idea how to sew! Nonetheless, when Forest picked out this silly old skirt from a thrift store, I couldn't resist.
So, the skirt was sort of long, shapeless and frumpy.  I shortened it, took it in a lot, and put a clean belt over the elastic waist. Whew!
I originally envisioned pockets...but it turns out I do not know how to make pockets (and I ran out of decent fabric!). Maybe next time!!
My mom was getting all into it. She quickly pulled up an image of Mondo's skirt from Project Runway, talking about buying a turquoise shirt and chunky jewelry!
So there you have it! My first Project Restyle--with more to come! Stay warm and crafty, friends!



  1. Um, I'm jealous for two reasons. #1- you have a dress form. #2- you have some seriously amazing sketching skills. Wow!

  2. I do love the dress form--if only I could sew!! Step by step...


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