Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Practices: Warm it Up!

I have had it in my mind to start writing a bit about good practices for living a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, dear reader, we can learn a little something together! So, for my first installation, I'd like to chat a bit about hot tea.
First, let's talk about flavonoids; these little guys work as anti-oxidants, which help to prevent free-radicals from corrupting our cells, tissues, and organs. We are exposed to these free-radicals through pollution, contaminants, and the natural aging process. Flavonoids, especially the ones found in Green Tea, help cleanse our bodies (1).
Green Tea also shows an ability to fight against cancer (2) and obesity (3). Chamomile Tea is linked to boosted immune systems and even bolstered reproductive activity (4).
And if that wasn't enough, trends show that people are happier when the consume hot drinks, especially as the weather gets cold. According to John Sicher of Beverage Digest (told to LiveScience), "People in general are responding to beverage products with health and wellness benefits."
I love my routine of caffeinated tea in the morning, like a strong Green or Black, and something caffeine free in the evening, such as Mint or Chamomile. I suggest spending the extra buck for organic teas, and drinking out of a gorgeous cup!



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  1. You've inspired me to go drink something hot. But it will be hot chocolate, I need the calories :o) (HA! First near year's resolution I already gave up was not eating sugar.)


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