Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fun Surprise

I shot a Jeep commercial in December and was pleasantly surprised to see it debut at the Super Bowl tonight. I've been getting messages from so many friends and loved ones congratulating me--it's been thrilling.
The timing is very appropriate, and I'll tell you why. Just last night I was telling Matt how terrifying acting is, how hard it is to be an artist and to have to ask for permission to do the work I love.

I feel like today the universe reminded me that there is no use in letting fear in my heart. "Making it" might take me years, or I could get a break out role tomorrow--there is no way of knowing, so I shouldn't waste time being afraid.

For anyone else who feels this way about creative pursuits or starting your own business, I highly recommend The War of Art. I just bought it and I read it in one day--so inspiring and enlightening!

♥ Shannon


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