Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day DIY Round-Up

I just love a reason to celebrate! Growing up, the leprechauns would create a bit of mayhem: they would knock over furniture, hang underoos from ceiling fans, and dye our dairy and toilet water green (one year, even our dog!).

It's no less fun as an adult. Here are a few of my favorite crafts and projects for St. Patrick's Day:
1. DIY Green Vases & Subway Art from the eighteen25 girls. I'm totally in love with their display.
2. Super cute Paper Shamrocks from EllinĂ©e. 
3.  Shamrock Boutonnieres from the ever-amazing Martha Stewart!
 4. Simple as That St. Patrick's Day Banner. I love the printed paper touch.
5. I'm in love with these bottle printables from Benign Objects--perfect for kids or adults!

Will you be celebrating this year?



  1. These are some super cute ideas! Thanks!


  2. Oh, shamrock boutonnieres! I am so totally making those. Right now. Thanks for the link! The preschool party tomorrow will be way better thanks to you :) (and martha too I guess, ha!)

    1. Aren't they just so cute and sweet? Post pics if you make them!

  3. Making me excited for St Paddys Day! Now to find something green to wear...



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