Thursday, May 12, 2011

Apartment Inspiration

So I may have mentioned that Matt and I are moving to Los Angeles this summer. We've begun looking at apartments and I'm getting pretty excited. Right now, we're in a townhouse and, although it is in a gorgeous neck of the woods, I can't stand it. Let me tell you why:

1. It's too big to keep clean and clutter free.
2. It's in the middle, so the natural light is non-existent.

But the apartments in Los Angeles....oh they have white walls, maple flooring, and all the sunny sun California has to offer. As of 4AM this morning, I have begun to collect inspiration. Here are two of my favorite bloggers--these women have impeccable taste. Enjoy, my friends.

First, I am in love with Yvonne's work. Her home and her photos are just lovely and light. Seriously, you should check out her blog. Go ahead, I'll wait for you.
 The neutral furniture with splashes of soft color and modest black accents. I'm in love.
 I adore every corner of her home, especially when she adds natural texture. Yes, Yvonne. Yes.
Next up is the home of Nina from Stylizimo. Just sensational.
I am obsessed with that black and white striped bench next to the distressed bureau. 
The grey couch, my friends. The grey couch! The grey couch with the white furniture and walls. Oh yes.
I love how she is able to change the look of her room by changing up the accessories. That's the key! Genius!!
I strongly sense that these apartments keep themselves clean. And so I must have them. Wish me luck!

♥ Shannon


  1. oh my gosh. i am also in love. totally gonna favourite this page, and i'm off to look at their sites now :D x

  2. You won't be disappointed, lightning!


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