Monday, February 14, 2011

French Toast & Flowers

A day (read: morning) in the life of a girl who loves Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day does not have to be celebrated between lovers. I like to think of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to express any kind of love. To begin, I decided to celebrate the love I have for my Self. I began the day thusly with heart-shaped French Toast (with just a hint of vanilla--mmmm) and some fresh flowers!
Sometimes it's very delightful to have a quiet breakfast for one (one human, that is--I had some furry and feathered company).
I set up a bouquet named "Rosy Outlook" (from Trader Joe's) in the kitchen--I adore the combination of pink and red!
I placed one little rose on my meditation table (isn't the little vase brilliant? The rose will pull water up through its stem over time! A gift from my lovely aunties).
I also chose to set up two pink bouquets in the bedroom. I'm so in love with mason jars as vases--they give the arrangement a very wholesome and textured look.
So far, this February 14th is off to a bright start! What are you up to?

♥ Shannon

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