Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mad Men

I realize I'm a bit behind here, but we've just watched the first season of Mad Men and, well, now I feel consumed with the need to dress exactly like January Jones or Christina Hendricks--every day. Forever. Oh my goodness.
How amazing are these outfits??
And the matching shoes!
I just want to wear the emerald dress for Christmas, and the champagne for New Years!
Available on etsy now. I'll take 7 of them.

I sense a new obsession coming on! Is it too late to change my Christmas list?



  1. I've never seen Mad Men.... but I am totally obsessed with these dresses. My etsy favorites may or may not be FULL of beautiful vintage dresses! (And my sewing box is full of vintage patterns :o)

  2. Vintage patterns! Brilliant! My quest begins.

    PS: I just started watching Mad Men via Netflix, and it is definitely a fun watch.

  3. Um that is pretty brilliant actually! Netflix! I'm starting today. Seriously, before my daughter wakes up from her nap!

    Also my best vintage pattern tip? Shop at thrift stores for them, not etsy. I recently snagged some woman's whole collection of 60's patterns for $.25 a piece. Much better than the $5-$15 on etsy. Also, finding them in "the wild" is such an adventure!


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