Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

I had so much fun making this lovely wreath! It's simple (I made mine while skying with friends), inexpensive, and looks very charming once finished. Here are the steps!
First, things you'll need: scissors, red and green felt (1 8x11inch sheet of each will do), red or silver bells, a foam wreath, red embroidery thread, and a skein of yarn. Total cost was less than $10.
1. Loop the yarn around the foam and tie a knot in what will be the back.
2. Proceed to wrap the yarn around the foam in sections, tying it off every few inches (this will help keep the yarn from sliding). I overlapped the yarn in two layers before tying it off. Continue until the foam is covered (it doesn't matter if the back looks a little sloppy--you can trim any loose ends, and no one will see!).
3. For each poinsettia, I cut 6 large petals and 5 small ones, plus 3 leaves (bigger than the rest), and a little six-point star. Note how the bottoms of the petals are cut straight instead of into a point--this will help prevent bunching when you make your flowers.
4. Start with your big petals. Tie a knot in one end of your embroidery threat, pinch the bottom of your petal, and sew the pinch in place with two stitches.
5. Keeping the same thread, continue to string the petals together, pinching the bottoms and sewing them to the previous petal. Once you sew all six together, pull the thread tight--this will make the star shape. Tie a knot in the back, clip the thread, and move on to the small petals, until you have made your star--don't clip the thread yet!
6. Using the same thread, place the six-point star on top of the small petals, and bring the needle through from behind. String your first bell on there (I used silver, but the reds were pretty, too!), and then stitch the needle back through the flower to the back. Continue until you have three bells sewn in.
7. Using the same thread, attach the small petals to the larger ones. Stitch and secure in place.
8. You can use the same thread to attach the leaves from behind. Once they are secure, knot your thread and clip off any excess.
9. Now you have a flower! Make as many as desired for your wreath. You can vary the petals in size to make larger and smaller flowers.
10. Decide where you want your flowers on the wreath--have a little fun with this!
11. To secure the flowers, just take a length of yarn, slip it between the flower and the leaves, and tie it in a strong knot in the back. This will keep them in place, but also give you a little flexibility when positioning the petals and leaves.
12. You're done! Display your wreath and enjoy!



  1. You give me hope that I will actually "sew" a christmas craft this year!!!!!!

    P.S. Long story, but I don't sew very well.

  2. This used a needle and thread, Cherie--I say it counts!!


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