Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Round-Up

It's Earth Day, loves, which is a special reminder to be thoughtful about how we live on this earth. Here are a few pretty things to get you started.

1. Go green with plants! Plants are amazing for our health and happiness. I'm in love with this easy-to-care-for succulent wall
2. Support artists! How adorable is this Terrarium Print from Small Talk Studio??
3. Buy handmade. This wall art is made from re-purposed wood--LOVE.
4. Not quite vegan yet? That's okay--no one will know the difference with cupcakes and pastries! These rosewater cupcakes are gorgeous and delightful. Check out 25 more recipes here!
5. I beg of you, buy cruelty free products. Our beagle, Walden, was tested on for 5 years; Beagles are chosen for testing because they are the sweetest dogs. Don't turn your cheek--puppies are abused and mutilated. Don't support companies that would let that happen.

Each small step makes a huge difference! What step will you take?

If nothing else, just go outside for a little bit and enjoy the gifts our amazing planet has to give.

♥ Shannon


  1. I have a beagle as well; his name is Winston. I can't even imagine him ever being subjected to something so cruel, and that's one of the main reasons I use only cruelty-free products. It warms my heart to know that some animals who are mistreated end up with caring owners like you. :)

  2. P.S. have you seen this video?

    Makes me cry like a baby. Every. Single. Time.

    1. Yes! Beagle Freedom Project (with ARME) rescued my Walden from Spain!


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