Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween DIY

This is such a fun craft with a spooky and personal effect!
 The items you will need are: a photograph, a picture frame, paint, paintbrush, sandpaper, and gemstones (mine have a flat, sticky back, but you could also glue sequins). Also helpful: photo editing software.
 Step 1: Paint the picture frame black. If necessary, use sandpaper to prep the surface so the paint will stick. Once dry, I used the sandpaper to scratch the surface of the frame to make it look aged and worn.
Step 2: While the paint dries, it is time to age your photo. I applied an action in Photoshop (shown on the right), but you could also used black and white (on the left), or age it yourself (crumple the picture, stain it with tea, etc).
 Step 3: Stick the gemstones on the eyes in the photo. It's fun to use different colors if you have multiple people in the picture.
 Step 4: Put your little zombie into its frame and you're done!

These look great when many are displayed together. Add some vintage candlesticks, black candles, dark paperbacks from the thrift shop, and you're on your way to a haunting little scene!
Enjoy! ♥ Shannon

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  1. This is such a cool idea. I want to have a halloween party now!


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