Saturday, June 23, 2012

National Pink Day

As usual, erika from pinksuedeshoe has inspired me like crazy. In honor of her strength and grace, today I have indeed been celebrating National Pink Day. Without any ado, here is my pink wish list:
This geometric design necklace from Ruche is brilliant.
I just obviously can't have a wishlist without something from Fancy Treehouse.
I want to hang this fashion print from Inslee By Design on my wall immediately. And pretty much every other print she has. 
These hot pink nugget earrings are so cute I almost just said "adorbs". 
The loveliness of this print from The White Deer is endless.

If anyone should feel so inclined, stop by pinksuedeshoe for some cuteness, great photography, and inspiration and wish erika a Happy National Pink Day!

♥ Shannon


  1. Thank you so much Shannon. You actually made me tear all up. You are such a sweet friend. And I am kind of dying for that first necklace. SOO pretty!


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